All our soups are being served with a bun. You may also order an additional bun of your choice from our bun selection. The soups marked * are also accompanied with bread croutons, and the ones marked ** are served with some grated cheese.
For picking up product in our shop: Our soups can either be served cold in PP bowls (0,5l) or hot in isothermic bowls (0,5l) that guarantee the temperature for over one hour. Thank you for specifying the requested temperature for your soup!

For deliveries: Our soups are being served cold in PP bowls (0,5l) in order to respect the cold chain during transportation. They can easily be warmed up in a microwave (600W) during 3 minutes.
12.30 EUR
<font SIZE ="3"><b>Bouchée à la reineBouchée à la reine accompagnée de riz, carottes et petits pois.
Hausgemachte Geflügelpastete mit Reis, Möhren und Erbsen
Homemade poultry pastete with rice, carrots and peas

Allergènes: Céleri, Œufs, Gluten, Lactose
8.50 EUR
Chili con carne maison accompagné de riz.
Hausgemachter Chili con Carne mit Reis
Homemade chili con carne with rice

Allergènes: Céleri, Gluten, Lactose (fromage)
6.50 EUR
<font SIZE ="3"><b>Légumes/ Gemüse/ Vegetable *Le grand classique de la Maison PAUL, disponible tous les jours!
Der grosse Klassiker des Hauses PAUL, jeden Tag erhältlich!
The big classic of the Maison PAUL, available all days!

Allergènes: Soupe: Céleri, Lait / Croûtons: Lait, Lactose, Céréales / Petit pain: Lait, Lactose, Soja, Céréales, Sésame
7.50 EUR
<font SIZE ="3"><b>Lentilles/ Linsen/ LensesCombattre le froid en force!
Die Kälte mit aller Stärke bekämpfen!
Defeat the cold weather!

Allergènes: Soupe: Céleri / Petit pain: Lait, Lactose, Soja, Céréales, Sésame