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Presentation of LUNCHSHOP


Lunchshop is an online store which is proposing two types of services to the customer:
a) online reservation of products to be picked up by the customer himself (herself) at our store at 36 rue Philippe II in the centre of the city of Luxembourg
b) delivery of ordered products to the addresses that are inside our area of delivery: +/- 5km around the centre of the city of Luxembourg. In order to find out whereas your address is inside our area of delivery, please consult the list of the streets and ZIP-codes from our vertical menu under "Area of delivery"
Orders can only be made through the Internet on our webshop
The prices of delivered products correspond to the prices that apply in our shop (for pick-up): there is no price increase for delivered goods. However, according to the amount of your order, a participation in shipping costs is charged, especially for orders of low amounts, as well as according to the geographical zone of delivery and according to the type of customer (for ex. "GOLD ACCOUNT"). Above a certain amount of your order, delivery is free of charge (see vertical menu "Shipping Terms"). 
Following ordering deadlines have to be respected: 10 AM at latest for deliveries (in order to organize logistics), and 11 AM at latest for pick-ups of orders at our store.
Deliveries take place inbetween 11h00 et 13h15.
Following payment options are accepted:
a) for pick-ups at our store: cash, chèque-repas, VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, EC-BANCOMAT
b) for deliveries:
- payment to the deliverer (cash or chèque-repas) NO CREDIT- OU DEBITCARDS, the exact amount, or more (in case of deposit to a customer account with a credit balance)  has to be prepared in advance in an envelope.!!! THE DELIVERER DOES NOT HAVE CHANGE !!!
- online payment via PAYPAL (credit cards or Paypal account)
- prepayment via prior deposit in our store or prior banktransfer to our bank account (= opening of a customer account with a debit balance)
- payment upon bill (= customer account with a debit balance), only possible in case of an electronic debit system agreement (domiciliation bancaire).
For further details, please consult the vertical menu "Payment Options"
How to order?
1) register on our website through the vertical menu "Registration New Customer", pay attention to also indicate your address of delivery (Notice: the correct format of your zip code must be entered, and which are ONLY numbers, i.e. if your zip code is L-1415 for example, than you exclusively have to enter the numbers 1415 (no L-... !!!) The fields marked by * absolutey have to be filled in.
2) choose your language by clicking on the flaggs (French, German or Englisch)
3) start to choose your products by selecting them from the horizontal menu list showing the categories of available products, and follow the instructions
4) in order to pass an order, you have to identify yourself with your email address and password (in case you have not yet registered, please do so by clicking on "New customer")
5) choose between the option "Direct pick-up at our store" or "Delivery"
6) choose the payment option of your choice
7) check your order for a last time as well as the coordinates of your delivery address
8) validate your order, and an email confirming the reception of your order will be sent to you. Th confirmation of the delivery time, respectively the time from which onwards you may come and pick-up your order at our store, will be communicated to you on a later stage.