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You have the choice of several payment methods such as offered on our online shop when ordering, namely:
In case of delivery: 
1) Payment by credit card through the PayPal system, which is serving over 100 million Internet users worldwide. For more information, and/or opening your PayPal-account, please visit or the following link cards accepted for this payment are: VISA, MASTERCARD, and American Express.
2) Payment to the delivery person:
ONLY cash payment or lunch-chèques (chèques-repas) are accepted. NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS!!! THE EXACT AMOUNT OR MORE has to be prepared prior to the arrival of the delivery person in an enveloppe ready to be handed over to the delivery person at the reception. THE DELIVERY PERSON DOES NOT HAVE CHANGE TO GIVE BACK TO YOU. In case an amount superior to the total amount of your order is being paid, the leftover will be credited to your customer account for your next order(s). In this way, you may charge your customer account. In this way you can also deposit some money to your cutomer's account, and the positive remaining balance of your customer account will be automatically deducted from the total amount of your next order under the position "Discount". This deduction will not be applicated to an eventual participation in shipping costs. In this case, and if the amount of the remaining balance of your cutomer account ("Discount") allows to cover both the total amount of your order and the participation in shipping costs, you can simply click on the payment option "Remaining balance of my customer account" and you will validate your order in this way. If the amount of the remaining balance of your customer account ("Discount) does not allow to cover both the total amount of your order and the amount of the participation in shipping costs, you have to either choose the option "Payment to the delivery person" or "Payment with credit card or Paypal account", inorder to pay the remaining amount. Otherwise your order cannot be processed, and it will be deleted. 
Please prepare the exact amount, or more in case you wish to charge your customer account with this exceeding amount, in an enveloppe with your full name as well as the ID-number of your order and the total amount you have deposited in the enveloppe. It is important that this enveloppe is ready at the reception of your delivery, because our delivery person cannot wait for you for a long time since he/she has to continue the delivery round.
3) Prepayment, either:

- A) At our store at 36, rue Philippe II, L-2340 Luxembourg (MO-FR: 07h00-18h30, SA: 09h30-18h30, SUN: closed), means of payment accepted: cash*, "ticket-restaurant” (meal vouchers), VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, EC. A deposit receipt will be handed out to you.



* In case of cash payment (i.e. coins and / or banknotes in euros only, "ticket-restaurants” (meal vouchers) are not regarded as cash) for the solutions (A) or (B), you are granted a discount of 2% of the amount paid in the form of credit to be used for your next order(s). Example: You deposit € 100.- in cash at our store: your account will be credited with € 102.- (€ 100.- + 2% of € 100.-).

- B) by bank transfer to our bank account: Account No. LU87 0030 8735 1771 1000, bank BGL-BNP Parisbas SA (Bic code: BGLLLULL)
In case of prepayment, the amount paid/deposited by you will be credited to your customer account, and you can then order up to the amount of transfer/deposit. The balance of this account is displayed on the delivery form, and is updated at the time of confirmation of the order made by you. In case where the amount of your order (including participation in shipping costs) is exceeding the remaining balance on your customer account, we cannot confirm the order, and we will notify you by e-mail that your order has ben cancelled due to unsufficiant funds. If you want, you can then make a new order (including participation in shipping costs) by not exceeding the amount of the remaining balance of your customer account.
It should be noted that in case of payment solution (A), the amount of deposit is credited one business day after, and so you can use your credit one business day after your deposit. In case of bank transfer, it takes 2 to 3 business days before the transferred amount will be credited to your cutomer account. We will notified you by email of receipt of the transfer, stating that the credit can immediately be used for your next command.

4) Opening of a debit account, allowing you to pay your order(s) at a later time. To qualify for this method of payment, you must make an electronic debit order ("ordre de domiciliation électronique”) to us from your bank which must be affiliated to the electronic debit system proposed by the Luxembourg CETREL ( In order to establish an order of electronic debit, you must download the electronic debit order form, complete and return us per post mail this form duly signed and dated to our address at 36 rue Philippe II, L.2340 Luxembourg. We will then grant you a debtor number ("N° de matricule débiteur”), and transmit the electronic debit order to your bank. After this your bank will notify us of the acceptance of the electronic debit order. And it is from this moment on, that we inform you by email that you can spend your orders through your debit account. You can not make any orders before receiving this email from us attesting the establishment of a debit account to your name.

A statement summarizing the latest orders will be sent by by us to you by e-mail every 10 days, and the total amount of this statement will be collected automatically via electronic debit 10 days after sending the statement. This is done in order to allow you to verify the statement before your bank account will be debited by the amount of your orders. You have to ensure a sufficient balance in your bank account to meet the payment of your orders. Should an electronic debit not be executed by your bank due to a fault of you to it, then you can no longer use this method of payment anymore. Moreover, you must then pay all potential administrative costs which may arise due to the failure of the debit order, and immediately pay the remaining balance of his orders to us.


In case of your direct pickup of goods at our store: 
As our webshop can also be used as a mean of reservation of goods that will be directly be picked up by you at our store, you can use there the following payment options:
cash**, "ticket-restaurant” (meal vouchers), VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, EC.
** In case of cash payment (i.e. coins and / or banknotes in euros only, "ticket-restaurants” (meal vouchers) are not regarded as cash) for goods that are directly being picked up by you at our store, nunlike prepayment methods a) and b) no payment discount is granted to you.