Who are we?

A family business for over more than 40 years

Maison PAUL is a grocery store, located in the heart of downtown Luxembourg, which combines under one roof a grocery, a lunch-catering store as well as a restaurant.

In 1977, Elio PAUL, the founder, took over the small neighbourhood grocery store at 40 rue Philippe II, and began gradually to include alcohol and tobacco products as well as items of souvenirs, while expanding the range of grocery and butcher products. By investing more and more in fresh products as well as fruits and vegetables, Maison Paul has become one of the first addresses of choice in Luxembourg City.

Quickly, with the evolution of the labour market in Luxembourg and the related socio-cultural changes, Maison PAUL started catering business for people wanting to eat healthily but quickly at midday, while paying attention to both quality and freshness. And so, Maison PAUL was among one of the first to sell sandwiches on the market since the late 1970s.

With the arrival in 1985 of Monique PAUL, the chef at the origin of all the major culinary creations, the catering has quickly gained momentum, and out of a few salads from the beginning has become a wide variety of over forty salads, so that Maison PAUL has established itself as the leading address for salads to go in Luxembourg. In the same vein one could cite four or five daily soup specialities, which, in a range of more than thirty homemade soups, make some of the most popular soup bars blush.

After his higher studies and first professional experience in the field of catering and hotel industry over nearly 10 years in Switzerland, Laurent PAUL, the junior, has finally joined the family business in 2006. He has also expanded the range of catering products by introducing desserts and hot dishes as well as the famous tortilla-wraps. And again, Maison PAUL has played its role as a precursor by being one of the first to propose homemade smoothies on the market. In 2010, on strong demand from its customers, Maison PAUL takes a new direction by launching its LUNCH-service delivery, via its online store

September 2011 represents the date of the beginning of a new era with the moving of the Maison PAUL from its old adress at 40 rue Philippe II to 10-meters-distanced only N36. With a triple surface, a huge professional kitchen as well as a 45-seats sitting room in one of the modernst atmospheres and two lovely terrasses accomodating 60 seats during the sunny months, it is up to you now to come and visit the grocery store of the 21st century!