During the COVID crisis, where the Government has decided to shut down a large part of our activities, we have implemented a home delivery service for daily shoppinggoods(general grocery, dairy products, drinks, cosmetic & cleaning products, fresh meat & feish, fruit & vegetable, fresh bread & bakery products) for the Commune of Bous, service which we now also provide from the 4th May onwards to the following communes and ZIP codes:   

Luxembourg-city et suburbs (1000-2799), Remich (5500-5599), Mondorf-les-Bains (5600-5699), Strassen & Bertrange (8100-8115, 8117, 8130), Sandweiler (5211-5222, 5230-5241, 5243-5244, 5250-5256, 5280, 5290), Bous (5402, 5407, 5408, 5421, 5422 et 5433), Ersange (5423) and Roedt/Trintange (5442, 5460)   

This service is awailable from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sunday and Public Holidays), and orders can be passed though the internet on our webshop, 24h/24, 7/7.

NEW from the 18th May 2020 onwards: orders can also be passed through telephone under the number 22 71 04 from Monday to Friday from 14h00-16h00.

You can find here below the days and times of delivery for the different communes, as well as the order deadline AT LATEST in order to have your delivery on the indicated days:

DAY & TIME of delivery:

MONDAY (18h00-20h00)

TUESDAY (18h00-20h00)

WEDNESDAY (18h00-20h00)

THURSDAY (18h00-20h00)

FRIDAY (18h00-20h00)

SATURDAY (18h00-20h00)


Luxembourg-city & suburbs (1000-1799)

Luxembourg-city & suburbs (1800-2799)


Strassen & Bertrange


Bous (Assel, Rolling, Erpeldange, Bous), Ersange, Roedt & Trintange, Remich


Friday 23h59 before Monday of delivery

SATURDAY 23h59 before Tuesday  of delivery

SUNDAY  23h59 before Wednesday of delivery 

MONDAY 23h59 before Thursday of delivery

TUESDAY 23h59 before Friday of delivery

WEDNESDAY 23h59 before Saturday of delivery

N.B. If there is a Public Holiday preceding the day of delivery, the order deadline at latest will be one day before the usual deadline. Example: if the delivery day for your area is Friday, and if Wednesday preceding that Friday is a Public Holiday, the deadline at latest for getting your order delivered on Friday, is Monday 23h59 before Friday of delivery. Missing the deadline at latest implicates that your order will be delivered to your address the following week on the usual delivery day for your area.

In order to avoid any contact and to prevent any eventual contamination between the customer and the deliverer, payment can be made through the internet on our webshop directly at your order by credit card through PAYPAL, the world's largest online payment portal. Further, the delivery will be droppedof in a plastic bag (reusable as dustbin bag) in front of the customer's door, where the deliverer rings three times the bell in order to announce his venue, however, without waiting. As such, the notion of CONTACTLESS, such as defined during the corona virus crises, is respected at 100%.

NEW from  the 18th May 2020 onwards: For orders passed through telephone, payment has to be directly made to the deliverer, either by credit/debit card VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, V-PAY (Amercian Express NOT accepted!), either by cash payment in an envelope to the deliverer. In order to minimize the contact between the deliverer and the customer, in case of cash payment, the exact amount of order has to be deposed in the envelope or more, and the balance will be credited to the customer account, and will be deducted from the total amount of a future order.

For ordering, you simply have to click on the category HOME DELIVERY SERVICE in the upper left menu on our website, choose your products and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: while indicating your delivery address, you have to indicate your ZIP Code ONLY IN NUMERS, for example 5421, and NOT L-5421 NEITHER L5421, since our IT system only recognises numbers as valid ZIP Codes.

Please also indicate a telephone or mobile phone number where we can reach you in case of necessity.

Our delivery terms are the following:

Minimum amount of order: € 30.- and free delivery

In case of questions, you can reach me under 621 40 44 12. Thank you very much and hope to see you soon.

Laurent PAUL, general manager