Restaurant: Menu

Menu (served from11h45-14h30)

Omelet festival: create your own omelet with 2-4 ingredients of your choice, served with French fries and mixed salad (3,7,9,12)                                        
Ingredients at choice:           cooked ham / smoked ham / salami / grated cheese / onion / cherry tomatoes / mushrooms / vegetables   
2 ingredients: 13,20          3 ingredients : 13,80          4 ingredients : 14,40

Beef steak, garlic butter, French fries, mixed salad (3,7,9,12)                                 18.50

Beef tartar (raw), French fries, mixed salad (3,4,7,9,10,12)                                              17.90

Chicken stew with curry, vegetable on basmati rice (6,9)                                                   15.80

Beef carpaccio, rucola salad, Parmiggiano cheese, French fries (7,12)                      17.90

Chili con carne, rice (1,7,9,12)                                                                             12.90

Paul Burger pure beef, red onion, grilled avocado, Andalouse sauce. French fries, mixed salad (1,3,5,7,9,12)  16.30 

Double Western Cheeseburger pure beef, Barbecue sauce,, French fries, mixed salad (1,5,7,9,,12)  (additional bacon + 1.70)  17.50   

Exotic prawns salad  (2,7,9,,12)                                                             16.90

Chicken salad « Cesat» style (1,7,9,10,12)                                                             15.50

Caprese salad (tomato mozzarella) (7,12)                                                 15.50

Asparagus salad with smoked salmon and shrimps (2,7,9,12)                               16.90


Dish of the day

From Monday to Friday :

Dish of the day :                     price of the day (for allergens please ask service staff)

Menu of the day with starter :       19,50 dish of the day with soup of the day at choice  or mixed salad as starter

Menu of the day with desserts:      19,50 dish of the day with dessert of the day or two scoops of icecream at choice or fresh fruit salad

Menu of the day complete :         23,50 dish of the day with starter and dessert