Recommend us to your friends and family

What is our recommendation sponsorship programme ?

You would like to show our webshop to your friends ? Everyone benefits from our recommendation sponsorship programme!

Recommend our website to your friends and family (invited friend). Let your invited friend discover our website, and he/she will be granted a 20%discount on his first order.

As a reward for your recommendation, you will be granted a 10% discount per first order of your sponsored friends, and which will be deducted from your future orders.

The vouchers for the recommendation sponsorship cannot be used together with our promotions or discounts.

Who benefits from it ?

As sponsor :
  • Click on the menu "recommendations", and enter the name, first name and email address of your invited friend.
  • Send our recommendation sponsorship programme offer to your invited friend(s).
  • We will inform you by email as soons as your invited friend has passed an order on our website, and you receive the 10% discount.

As invited friend :

Upon receipt of the recommendation sponsorship programme email, click on the link, and you will automatically be granted the discount for your next order in our webshop. The discounts is automatically valid for your first order. 

How does the sponsor benefit from his/her discount ?

the discount is automatically applied for the next order.

The discounts granted through the recommendation sponsorship programme can be cumulated. The sponsor cumulates the discounts according to the number of invited friends.

Example: the sponsor gets 10% discount per invited friend. If the sponsor has two invited friends, and which order in our webshop, he/she will be granted 20% (10% x 2) discount on his next order. It is however to be noticed that only 10% discount are valid per order at maximum: the remaining discount will be deducted on the next order(s). Ex.: you have three invited friends who have passed an order on our website. According to this, you are granted a total discount of 30% (3 x10%) . 10% discount (maximum discount per order) will be deducted from your next order, and the remaining 20% (2 x 10%) on your following orders.

A promotional code will be automatically generated by your next order. If the sponsor does not want to benefit immediately from his/her discount, he/she can delete the promotional code and save it for a future order.

The sponsorcan follow up his recommendation sponsorship at any time under the menu "Recommendations" and relaunch the invitation to his invited friends.